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Run modern data engineering at scale in the cloud with Databricks and Talend
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Data engineering has changed. Every industry is undergoing disruption, driven by the integration of more data sources, higher volumes, and new business scenarios like personalization and predictive maintenance enabled by big data. Data engineers and pipeline developers need intelligent and automated tools to scale high capacity pipelines and machine learning initiatives with less DevOps overhead. With the partnership of Databricks and Talend, it’s possible to achieve big data and machine learning innovation in your business at a lower total cost of ownership. Together, Databricks and Talend solve modern data engineering challenges and enable enterprises to:

  1. Eliminate the complexity of data system management to lower DevOps overhead and increase agility
  2. Scale processing power, to grow and shrink as needed while only paying for what you use
  3. Enable a broader set of users to utilize these services without requiring a major upgrade in their education or hiring expensive external expertise

In this 1-hour webinar, we’ll cover the following topics using a real-world fraud detection use case as the model:

  • Learn about modern data engineering using Databricks and Talend
  • How to build automatically scaling smart data pipelines without manual coding
  • Why Databricks and Talend accelerate the time to value with minimal specialized expertise and high performance solutions

You should attend if you are a data engineer, data scientist, or involved in strategic data projects and are interested in how Databricks and Talend can enable the delivery of insight-ready data at scale and accelerate your data initiatives.

  • Nauman Farkhar, Director of ISV Solutions at Databricks
  • Brian Dirking, Sr. Director of Partner Marketing at Databricks 
  • Mark Balkenende, Technical Engineer Senior Technical Marketing Manager at Talend

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