Data Engineering Best Practices
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Making quality data available in a reliable manner is a major determinant of success for data analytics initiatives be they regular dashboards or reports, or advanced analytics projects drawing on state of the art machine learning techniques. Data engineers tasked with this responsibility need to take account of a broad set of dependencies and requirements as they design and build their data pipelines.

Join Suraj Acharya, Director, Engineering at Databricks, and Singh Garewal, Director of Product Marketing, as they discuss the modern IT/ data architecture that a data engineer must operate within, data engineering best practices they can adopt and desirable characteristics of tools to deploy.
In this webinar you will learn:

  • A framework for describing the modern data architecture
  • Best practices for executing data engineering responsibilities
  • Characteristics to look for when making technology choices

Suraj Acharya
Director, Engineering - Databricks

Singh Garewal
Director of Product Marketing - Databricks

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