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The dangers of poor data governance are well known and can be the death knell to a business. Lax governance can also lead to data being untrusted and therefore underused and undervalued. Data inconsistency is hazardous to business transformations but robust and effective data governance frameworks cannot just be magicked in overnight.


Data governance can be daunting when one is faced with an alphabet soup of regulation. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may be seen as a global benchmark but in the Asia-Pacific businesses have to navigate a plethora of regulatory authorities. It can be easy to fall foul of any of these, leading to eye-watering fines. However, the benefits of a robust data governance framework can be enormous, and strong security coupled with the effective use of data can be a source of competitive advantage. What are the biggest challenges in implementing robust data governance frameworks, and how can they be overcome to ensure companies derive maximum value from their data?


Join an Economist Impact moderator and four expert speakers as we discuss how companies can implement robust governance frameworks and practices to get the most value out of their data.


Questions we will address include:

  • How can companies successfully implement data governance frameworks?
  • What does a good framework look like, and what metrics and milestones should be employed to judge whether it is up to standard?
  • What data governance models work?
  • Is it better to engage in company-wide implementation or start small and strategic?
  • How can we avoid creating data silos during implementation?
  • Do companies need to restructure themselves to ensure consistent implementation and compliance across the organisation?
  • How do we implement frameworks within decentralised business models?
  • How can companies properly upskill their workforces to ensure they are fully acquainted with data governance?
  • And how do they balance the commercialisation of data with the implementation of standards and controls?


Yuhui Yao

Chief data officer
FWD Insurance

Debbie Lotz

Executive for enterprise data risk governance
National Australia Bank

Mark Yong

Head of data
AEON Malaysia

Chris D’Agostino

Global field CTO

Charles Ross

Principal, public policy and thought leadership
The Economist Group


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