The Apache Spark Collection

A Comprehensive Preview of the Definitive Guide to Spark

ApacheSpark Collection

Apache Spark™ has seen immense growth over the past several years. Its ability to speed analytic applications by orders of magnitude, its versatility, and ease of use are quickly winning the market.

If you are a developer or data scientist interested in big data, Spark is the tool for you. We're happy to present a comprehensive collection of guides from 
Spark: The Definitive Guide written by Matei Zaharia and Bill Chambers.

This package includes the following three ebooks that cover:

  • A gentle introduction to Spark that covers simple concepts and a tour of different aspects of Spark’s ecosystem.
  • Key excerpts that dive into machine learning, deep learning and graph analytics with Spark.
  • A selection of chapters focused on why Spark is the data engineering technology of choice.

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