How Dollar Shave Club Personalized Customer Experiences with Databricks and Apache Spark™

Building an end-to-end machine learning pipeline for product recommendations

Dollar Shave Club is a leading men’s lifestyle company. Their primary offering is a monthly subscription for razors, but they have dozens of other products and hundreds of content pieces to offer customers. To improve the customer experience, they sought to provide highly tailored product and content recommendations.

In this eBook, learn how Dollar Shave Club tackled the challenge of building an Apache Spark™-powered recommendation engine capable of analyzing 10,000+ features to deliver personalized experiences.

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  • How Dollar Shave Club built an end-to-end machine learning pipeline to deliver personalized offers at scale
  • What technology challenges they faced and how they overcame them
  • Why Databricks Unified Analytics Platform and Apache Spark makes it easy to scale, iterate and automate their pipelines

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