Live Demo: Databricks Delta
February 13, 2019; 10 AM PST
Databricks Delta is the next-gen unified analytics engine, built on top of Apache Spark™ designed to help you build production robust production data pipelines at scale. 

It provides ACID transactions, optimized layouts and indexes for building data pipelines to support big data use cases, from batch and streaming ingests, fast interactive queries to machine learning.  Its advanced architecture enables high reliability and low latency through the use of techniques such as schema validation, compaction, data skipping, etc. to address pipeline development, data management and as well query serving. All these innovations bring unprecedented performance, reliability and simplification to your cloud data lakes.

Watch Databricks Delta in action during this short live demo:
  • Get a walkthrough of the product
  • Resolve any Delta questions with a live Databricks expert
  • Receive an opportunity to continue the conversation after the demo
  • Discover how Delta can help you

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