Spark: The Definitive Guide

Apache Spark has seen immense growth over the past several years. Hundreds of contributors working collectively have made Spark an amazing piece of technology powering thousands of organizations. And while the blistering pace of innovation moves the project forward, it makes keeping up to date with all the improvements challenging.

To solve this problem, Databricks is happy to introduce Spark: The Definitive Guide. The full book will be published later this year, but we wanted you to have several chapters ahead of time!

In this ebook, you will:

  • Get a deep dive into how Spark runs on a cluster
  • Review detailed examples in SQL, Python and Scala
  • Learn about Structured Streaming and Machine Learning
  • Learn from examples of GraphFrames and Deep Learning with TensorFrames

Download the free ebook, Spark: The Definitive Guide, to learn more.

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