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The Databricks Migration Journey

Best practices and successful strategies

to migrate your data platforms to the Cloud

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The Databricks Migration Journey

More and more organisations of all sizes, across multiple industries, are migrating their legacy analytics platforms to the cloud. Many of these companies are moving to the Databricks Lakehouse.

The Databricks Lakehouse platform is designed to accelerate innovation, enhance productivity and manage costs more effectively, with faster, more efficient infrastructure and DevOps.

In this series of five webinars, the Databricks team, in collaboration with its partners, will share best practice and successful strategies for migration to the cloud and to the Databricks platform.

Below are the sessions we have planned.

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Available on-demand (direct access when registering here): Databricks

Top considerations when migrating from Hadoop to Databricks
Through real-life use cases, this session will demonstrate best practices in migrating data workloads and analytics from any Hadoop distribution to Databricks.


Available on-demand (direct access when registering here): Databricks & Qlik

Data migration to the cloud and Modern data integration with Qlik


Available on-demand (direct access when registering here): Databricks & Impetus

Intelligent, automated modernisation of DW, ETL, and analytics workloads

Migrating traditional data warehouses, Hadoop, ETL, and analytics systems to Databricks helps enterprises enhance scalability, reduce costs, and improve business outcomes. But the path to modernisation can be complex and risky. LeapLogic, a world-class cloud accelerator, help ensure a seamless journey to Databricks, while minimizing the risk of business disruption


Join experts from Databricks and Impetus to learn how you can automate and accelerate your cloud transformation pursuit. 


Session highlights:

  • Creating a failproof migration plan through automated assessment 
  • Strategizing a flexible, optimized data architecture on Databricks
  • 4x faster transformation of legacy workloads using LeapLogic
  • Operationalization of migrated workloads using Databricks Lakehouse-native services
  • Real-world success stories of Fortune 500 enterprises

Available on-demand (direct access when registering here):  Databricks & BladeBridge & Intricity

Migrate your ETL pipelines to Databricks and scale without limit with BladeBridge

BladeBridge and Databricks have partnered to produce an automated conversion path of all your legacy code into the Databricks path. This configurable path allows organizations to flexibly convert legacy ETL, Database, and other logic into the Databricks platform. The configuration during a conversion is done in partnership with expert System Integrators like Intricity. The team at Intricity has been conducting complex metadata and code conversions with BladeBridge for years.

In this session Databricks, BladeBridge, and Intricity will jointly present both the tooling and practices for rolling out a successful conversion of metadata and code to Databricks.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why Databricks makes a powerful target architecture for your ETL and Database code
  • How to set up your project team for a conversion to Databricks
  • How BladeBridge's configuration based approach to conversion works
  • Where to start your code conversion project


Available on-demand (direct access when registering here): Databricks & T1A

Modernise Your SAS Workloads to Databricks with T1A

SAS Analytical Platform has been around for many years and comprises different tools, products and solutions that enable a multitude of workloads. Although there is no single way to replace all of them, Databricks makes the perfect platform for replacement of the most popular and widely used SAS tools with its Lakehouse and Managed PySpark, AI & ML capabilities.

In this webinar, we’ll talk about the best practices, a proven methodology and migration acceleration tools & techniques that you can leverage to embrace the power of Databricks and modernize your various SAS workloads.

Session Highlights: 

  • How migration to Databricks transforms and empowers various SAS Workloads and Products
  • Best-Practice Migration Methodology Framework That Guarantees Success
  • Key insights into each step that you need to know before embarking on your Migration Journey
  • Important Considerations for Databricks Platform enablement and configuration
  • How to make former SAS Users transition smoother






Amine Benhamza

Sr Solution Architect - Migrations specialist


Geoff Birks

Sr Director Partner & Alliances


Christoph Möhrlein

Senior Evangelist Data Integration


Jared Hillam

VP of BladeBridge

VP of Emerging technologies

BladeBridge & Intricity

Dmitriy Alergant

Principal Architect, Solutions Director


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