2-Run modern data engineering Talend-webinar-Marketo-header@2x.jpgWhitepaper: Run modern data engineering at scale in the cloud with Databricks and Talend

To cope with the disruption caused by changing consumer trends, many businesses are looking to big data initiatives to enhance productivity, create new customer experiences, and deploy machine learning. But these new big data initiatives require a modern data engineering approach that makes data accessible, usable and consumable.

With Databricks and Talend, businesses can easily build and maintain data pipelines that scale the volume and variety of data they can ingest, decrease complexity to reduce TCO and DevOps costs, and enable a broader set of users to get the right data in the hands of the right people.

Databricks and Talend enable all your data projects from BI to machine learning at scale and with faster time to value across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. To learn more, including use cases that our customers are seeing success in, download the whitepaper.

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