How Databricks Helps Optimize the Largest Wifi Network for Performance and Availability

On-Demand Webinar
iPass is the world’s largest wifi network serving over 160 network providers with 64+ million hotspots in airports, hotels, airplanes, and public spaces in 140 countries across the globe.

Analyzing the state of the world’s wifi in real time is a daunting task fraught with unpredictable challenges that can impact performance, reliability, and security. Join this webinar to learn why iPass moved from an on-premises Hadoop system to Databricks in the cloud and how they are able to deliver ground-breaking results with a small and nimble team.

With Databricks, iPass can now focus on scalable business logic and not building infrastructure. This new-found freedom has allowed their team to:

  • Monitor the performance of millions of wifi hotspots around world. 
  • Leverage machine learning and real-time analytics to understand the health of access points. 
  • Make recommendations to customers on the best access point to use to ensure optimal performance. 

Tomasz Magdanski
Director of Big Data and Analytics at iPass

Tomasz Magdanski is the Director of Big Data and Analytics at iPass. He drives adoption and development of real-time analytics, data processing, ETL, streaming and data visualization. He is primarily responsible for the discovery of new use cases and ways to monetize their rapidly growing data volumes and types.

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