How CardinalCommerce Improved Data Pipeline Speeds by 200%

On-Demand Webinar
CardinalCommerce was acquired by Visa earlier this year for its critical role in payments authentication. Through predictive analytics and machine learning, Cardinal measures performance and behavior of the entire authentication process across checkout, issuing and ecosystem partners to recommend actions, reduce fraud and drive frictionless digital commerce.

With Databricks, CardinalCommerce simplified data engineering to improve the performance of their ETL pipeline by 200% while reducing operational costs significantly via automation, seamless integration with key technologies, and improved process efficiencies.

Join this webinar to learn how CardinalCommerce was able to:

  • Simplify access to data across the organization
  • Accelerate data processing by 200%
  • Reduce EC2 costs through faster performance and automated infrastructure
  • Visualize performance metrics to customers and stakeholders

Christopher Baird
Data Systems Manager at CardinalCommerce

Christopher currently manages the Data Engineering team at CardinalCommerce. The team focuses on collecting, enhancing and managing data from internal systems and partners. The team also supports internal users on the business, development and data science teams for their unique data needs. In his 15 years at CardinalCommerce he has worked as a developer on all of CardinalCommerce’s software platforms, managed development teams and started a team to provide 24/7 on-site systems support. His interests now are in making data available for everyone to improve business decisions and customer experience.

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