Getting Started with Apache Spark™ on Azure Databricks

On-Demand Webinar
Learn the basics of Apache Spark™ on Azure Databricks. Designed by Databricks, in collaboration with Microsoft, Azure Databricks combines the best of Databricks and Azure to help customers accelerate innovation with one-click set up, streamlined workflows and an interactive workspace that enables collaboration between data scientists, data engineers, and business analysts.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • RDDs, DataFrames, Datasets, and other fundamentals of Apache Spark.
  • How to quickly setup Azure Databricks, relieving you of DataOps duties.
  • How to use the Databricks interactive notebooks, which provide a collaborative space for your entire analytics team, and how you can schedule notebooks, immediately putting your work into production.


Yatharath Gupta
Product Marketing, Microsoft                                     

Brian Dirking
Senior Director of Partner Marketing at Databricks

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