Fast and Reliable ETL Pipelines with Databricks

On-Demand Webinar
Building multiple ETL pipelines is very complex and time consuming, making it a very expensive endeavor. As the number of data sources and the volume of the data increases, the ETL time also increases, negatively impacting when an enterprise can derive value from the data.

Join Prakash Chockalingam, Product Manager and data engineering expert at Databricks, to learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of data engineering and how the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform can ensure performance and reliability at scale to lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

In this webinar, you will learn how Databricks can help to:

  • Remove infrastructure configuration complexity to reduce DevOps efforts.
  • Optimize your ETL data pipelines for performance without compromising reliability.
  • Unify data engineering and data science to accelerate innovation for the business. 

Prakash Chockalingam
Product Manager at Databricks

Prakash is a product manager at Databricks. Prior to becoming a product manager, he was a solution architect focused on helping customers building big data infrastructure. He has decades of experience building large scale distributed systems and machine learning infrastructure at companies including Netflix and Yahoo.

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