Is Your Data Lake GDPR Ready? How to Avoid Drowning in Data Requests

On-Demand Webinar
With GDPR enforcement rapidly approaching on May 25, many companies are still trying to figure out how to comply with one of the regulation’s biggest pain points - data subject requests (DSRs). Under GDPR, data subjects (individuals) in the EU have the right to request information on what personal data is collected, how it is being used, and to have that data changed or erased.

For many organizations that rely on data lakes to store their big data, sifting through millions of files to locate and modify records for a DSR is at minimum a massive effort. And trying to do this within prescribed timelines is near impossible.

Fortunately, there’s a path forward. Through an optimized approach to data management, Databricks powered by Apache Spark™ makes it easy to quickly find, edit and erase data submerged deep within your data lake without disrupting your data pipelines.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • The GDPR requirements of data subject requests.
  • The compliance challenges big data and data lakes create for organizations.
  • How Databricks Delta, a powerful new offering within the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform, improves data lake management and makes it possible to quickly find and surgically remove or modify individual records.
  • Best practices for GDPR data governance.
  • Live demo on how to easily fulfill data requests with Databricks.


Arsalan Tavakoli-Shiraji
VP of Solutions, Databricks
Justin Olsson
Senior Legal Counsel, Databricks
Michael Armbrust
Software Engineer, Databricks

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