5 Keys to Build Machine Learning and Visualization Into Your Application

On-Demand Webinar
Machine learning has unlocked new possibilities that deliver significant business value. However most companies don’t have the resources to either build and maintain the supporting infrastructure or apply data science to build a smarter solution.

Join us for this webinar and hear from John Huang, engineering and data analytics lead at Handshake, as he shares how he quickly and cost effectively scaled a small engineering team to build a machine-learning powered recommendation engine that profiles users and behaviors to present relevant next steps. In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Simplify and accelerate data engineering processes including data ingest and ETL
  • Incorporate machine learning into your production application without an army of data scientists
  • Choose an analytics engine that will enable key analytics such as attribution, step analysis, and linear regression
  • Embed visualizations into your application that drive stickiness

See how the latest trend of incorporating data and analytics into your development can make your applications more powerful and compelling in this webinar.

John Huang
Engineering and Data Analytics Lead at Handshake

Bruce Sandell
Senior Sales Engineer at Looker

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