Making Machine Learning Simple with Databricks

As businesses contend with quickly growing volumes of data and an expanding variety of data types and formats, the ability to gain deeper and more accurate insights becomes near impossible at this scale without machine assistance.
Powered by Apache Spark™, Databricks provides a unified analytics platform that accelerates innovation by unifying data science, engineering and business with an extensive library of machine learning algorithms, interactive notebooks to build and train models, and cluster management capabilities that enable the provisioning of highly-tuned Spark clusters on-demand.
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  • Accelerate feature data extraction at scale.
  • Easily support a variety of data sources and formats.
  • Simplify ETL and implement machine learning in a single framework.
  • Speed up iterative model tuning with interactive notebooks.
  • Interactively query large-scale data sets in R, Python, Scala, or SQL.
  • Visualize results with rich dashboards.
  • Provision distributed clusters on-demand.
  • Scale storage and compute resources independently.
  • Ensure uninterrupted operations with seamless updates.

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