On Demand Webinar
In this webinar, your questions are the content!

During our recent webinar, Managing the Machine Learning Lifecycle, attendees asked over 100 questions during our live session, but we didn’t get a chance to get to all of them. That's why, for this webinar we're spending the full hour covering the questions that matter most to you.

Topics areas will include:
  • Overview of MLflow including: tracking, deployment, projects
  • Integration with Databricks Delta
  • Experiments tracking
  • Reproducing projects
  • Model deployment
  • +more

Join Co-founders, Andy Konwinski and Matei Zaharia for this live, interactive session all about MLflow.

Featured Speakers
Andy Konwinski, Co-founder and VP of Product at Databricks
Matei Zaharia, Co-Founder and Chief Technologist at Databricks
Hosted by: Cyrielle Simeone, Product Marketing Manager, Databricks

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