Boosting Sales Performance with Blazing Fast ETL

Yesware enables sales professional to have more effective and successful sales engagements. Its platform provides users with analytics on their daily interactions with potential customers using billions of data points, including open and reply rate of emails, effectiveness of email templates, engagement rates of e-mail CTA click-throughs, and more.

Yesware struggled with the volume and complexity of inbound data, finding it impossible to curate customized insights for its customers while achieving high performance and reliability. The company needed a powerful solution that could quickly process and aggregate enormous volumes of complex data on the fly to produce up-to-date custom reports for their users. Yesware also needed the solution to be reliable and simple enough to maintain so that their employees can focus on building product features instead of becoming infrastructure experts. 

To help address these challenges, Yesware implemented Databricks to enable the management of Apache® Spark™ clusters and deployment of production data pipelines.

Benefits gained:

  • Data pipeline deployment speed: The previous data pipeline took Yesware almost six months to build due to its complexity. With Databricks, Yesware deployed its first Spark-based project in less than three weeks.
  • Processing speed: The previous data pipeline required 12 hours to process 90 days of data, whereas Databricks processed 180 days of data in two hours.
  • Infrastructure efficiency: The Databricks data pipeline can be operated with a cost basis of less than 10 percent of the previous data pipeline with improved utilization of the Spark infrastructure and AWS Spot instances.

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