Tripling Return on Ad Spend with Predictive Analytics

Sellpoints is a provider of online advertising solutions dedicated to optimizing return on ad spend (ROAS) for retailers and brands. They want to measure the shopping behavior of consumers, glean intelligence from this data (over one billion events per day in this case), and then automatically apply the insights to identify qualified shoppers, run targeted advertising campaigns, and drive prospective shoppers to make a purchase.

Before choosing Databricks, Sellpoints tried to deploy Apache Spark™ over Hadoop. But other Spark vendors failed to deliver the performance, reliability, and Spark expertise needed by Sellpoints. With Databricks, Sellpoints gained powerful big data ETL and machine learning capabilities and captured three critical benefits:

  • Productized a new predictive analytics offering, improving the ad spend ROI by threefold compared to competitive offerings.
  • Reduced the time and effort required to deliver actionable insights to the business team while lowering costs.
  • Improved productivity of the engineering and data science team by eliminating the time spent on DevOps and maintaining open source software.

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