Delivering Portfolio Insights for Financial Services

Omega Point enables financial and strategy professionals to make better investment decisions by unlocking insights from billions of data points with advanced analytics. Its flagship product, the Omega Point Portfolio Intelligence Platform, extracts insights from “alternative data sets" such as satellite imagery, web traffic, and earnings transcript sentiment.

The release of the Omega Point Portfolio Intelligence Platform was delayed due to a lack of reliable infrastructure and timely access to cutting-edge features in the latest Apache® Spark™ releases. With Databricks, Omega Point was able to fully automate the management, scheduling, and monitoring of its production Apache Spark infrastructure without human intervention, enabling Omega Point to accelerate the delivery of its product, increased uptime of its production infrastructure while reducing maintenance costs.

Benefits gained:

  • Higher productivity of the data science and engineering teams led to the faster delivery of core features by six months.
  • Improved production infrastructure uptime by 80%.
  • Reduced maintenance costs by 75%.

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