Smarter eCommerce with Databricks

Findify’s mission is to create frictionless online shopping experiences which lead to satisfied, loyal customers and an increase in revenue. By utilizing advanced machine learning techniques, Findify’s Smart Search continuously improves its accuracy as users use the service. Findify needed a data platform to run the machine learning algorithms central to their Smart Search capabilities. However, they struggled with their development process, focusing too much time on DevOps and not enough time building innovative features.

Databricks enabled Findify to effortlessly manage Apache® Spark™ clusters, access their data, collaboratively develop machine learning algorithms, and present their findings in a single platform. With the Databricks integrated workspace, the Findify team was able to:

  • Complete their feature development projects faster and reduce customer frustration in delayed analytics because they could focus on development instead of infrastructure. 
  • Focus on building innovative features because the managed Spark platform eliminated time spent on DevOps and infrastructure issues.
  • Collaborate amongst their globally distributed team more effectively, which enabled them to iterate and visualize their results faster than before.

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