Celtra Scales Big Data Analysis Projects Six-Fold

Celtra provides agencies, media suppliers, and brand leaders with cross-screen HTML5 technology for brand display advertising. The company needed a fast and scalable big data platform to support its myriad of analysis projects.

Celtra adopted Databricks as the centralized analytics platform to address speed and ease-of-use concerns, improve product design, troubleshoot quickly, and fine-tune the performance of production systems:

Benefits gained:

  • Increased the amount of ad-hoc analysis done six-fold, leading to better informed product design and quicker issue detection and resolution.
  • Reduced the load on the analytics engineering team by expanding access to the number of people able to work with the data directly by a factor of four.
  • Increased collaboration and improved reproducibility and repeatability of analyses.
  • Reduced the cost of cloud infrastructure through faster and easier management of Apache® Spark™ clusters.
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