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Building Successful Digital Process Twins on Azure Databricks

Speeding digital twin deployment with Databricks, Tredence and Azure Databricks

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As the digital twin marketplace marches to a staggering $24 billion in value in 2025, with a compound growth rate of ~39% CAGR, it has to be asked why digital twins are enjoying such growth. With the ability to mimic processes, equipment or supply chains for Industry 4.0, they help reduce risk and optimize processes. Digital twins allow companies to understand the present state — and predict the future state — of their equipment and process in a way and effort no real twin could ever do.

Digital twins are adaptive and can be designed to have a predictive or prescriptive function. Manufacturing needs to leverage real-time data from an assortment of inputs. Data warehouses just aren’t up to the challenge of handling the volume, source or type of data needed to model current and future processes and equipment that digital twins demand.

Join Tredence and Databricks to learn more about how this partnership enables your native or bespoke digital twin use cases. Learn about high-value digital twin use cases, sources or data and how Tredence and Databricks deliver high-value return on investment.

Watch now to learn:

  • How to identify and address current challenges in implementing an enterprise-driven digital twin
  • How to identify which digital twin-based use cases will produce the fastest ROI in operations and supply chains
  • Where and how cloud providers enable digital twins
  • How to assess if you should build your digital twin in-house or buy a prebuilt solution

Featured Speakers :

Vamsi Bhupasamudram

Director - Industry X

Trendence Inc.

Ashwin Voorakarra

Sr.Architect - IOT Analytics

Trendence Inc.

Bala Amavasai

Global Technical Director


Pawarit Laosunthara

Strategic Solutions Architect

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