Hands-On Workshops

Databricks Bootcamps

Join our introductory hands-on workshops to access best practices tips, technology overviews and hands-on training, facilitated live by Spark and Databricks experts.


Your attendance will help you walk away with an understanding of how Databricks is able to help simplify your data architecture and eliminate the data silos that traditionally separate analytics, data science and machine learning.


Participants will get access to a Databricks workspace and real-world data sets for a guided walk-through of how to collaboratively run all types of analytics workloads - from data preparation to exploratory analysis and predictive analytics, at scale.


Learning opportunities:

  • Deliver a reliable single source of truth for all of your data, including real-time streams, so your data teams are always working with the most current data.
  • Build highly scalable and reliable pipelines for analytics.
  • Unify your data teams to collaborate across the entire data and AI workflow.
  • Access guided hands-on labs to demonstrate how a single, unified architecture can serve all your data use cases — including BI, streaming analytics, data science and machine learning. 
  • Get your questions answered by local experts.

Databricks Lakehouse Bootcamp (Virtual; 3-hours)

  • Deep-dive into the lakehouse architecture and the advantages it offers over data warehouses and lakes.
  • Discover how Delta Lake provides the foundation for your lakehouse architecture.
  • Participate in hands-on labs to see Delta Lake and Databricks SQL in action.

ML and MLOps using Databricks (Virtual; 3-hours)

  • Learn how data scientists and ML engineers can quickly move from experimentation to production-scale machine learning model deployments using Databricks Lakehouse.
  • Get hands-on experience with collecting model performance data, estimating model drift based on collected model data, and unifying collected model monitoring data into a single dashboard.


Who should attend

Bootcamps are suited for data practitioners who work in the areas of data engineering, data science, machine learning, and business analytics. Experience with Databricks is not required. 

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