Maximizing Customer Value | Best practices from Retail, CPG, & Media

Virtual Workshop - On Demand
Maximizing Customer Value | Best practices from Retail, CPG, & Media

Using Delta Lake and Apache Spark™ to build smarter, more accurate customer segments and enhance the customer experience through personalization

Before you can provide personalized services and offers to your customers, you need to know who they are. In this virtual workshop, retail and media experts will demonstrate how to build advanced customer lifetime value models. From there companies can provide the right investment into each customer in order to create personalized offers, save tactics, and experiences.

In this on demand virtual session, learn from companies who have successfully increased customer value through advanced segmentation using the Databricks Unified Data Analytics Platform to simplify how data is processed and analyzed for CLV exercises. Then Bryan Smith, Databricks Global Tech Lead for Retail, will walk through three different ways of calculating CLV using retail data, though this will be applicable across all industries looking to understand the value of each customer using historical behavioral patterns.


  • Overview of business case for Customer Lifetime Value
  • Customer story - Retail
  • Customer story - Media
  • Tech deep dive: 3 methods for calculating CLV (90 minutes total)
    • Traditional
    • Probabilistic
    • Deep Learning
  • Event Wrap | Q&A

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