Hadoop-to-Cloud Migration: How to modernize your data and analytics architecture

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Companies count on their data and analytics platforms, as the foundation of their innovation and digital transformation strategy. However, many on-premise Hadoop users struggle with its system complexity, unscalable infrastructure, and DevOps burden.

In this webinar, we’ll cover why companies are switching to modern cloud based platforms like Databricks, and how they use it to drive innovation, productivity, and business outcomes. We’ll also share a best practice framework for how to successfully migrate data and workloads to the cloud safely and securely.

We’ll cover topics including:
    • How companies drive business value with cloud-based data and analytics
    • How to use the new model of unified capabilities in data engineering and analytics
    • How an elastic compute model drives higher utilization and cost-to-performance
    • How technology components map from the on-premise model to the cloud model
    • How to plan and structure a migration project to minimize risks and delays

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