DataOps for High-Growth, Data-Driven Businesses Workshop

Wednesday 4th December

AWS Office - 6th floor

Rocket Tower

Charlottenstra├če 4, 10969 Berlin

The idea of DevOps revolutionised software development by making it feasible to develop, integrate and test software in a continuous manner, resulting in faster time-to-value and a lower overall cost of deployment. The need to continually innovate with data in a production setting has led to the inception of the “DataOps” concept which seeks to bring benefits of reduced cycle times and reduced risk to the spheres of data analytics and machine learning.

In this workshop, we will demystify this idea, discuss the basis for the sudden popularity and relevance, and walk you through in a hands-on fashion how it can be implemented in production. This workshop is designed to be a learning opportunity for practitioners like you, so please bring your laptop so you can work through the examples with us, live.

We will open the workshop with a common discussion about data in a production setting:
  • Why DataOps?
  • Making data a first-class citizen
  • Handling evolving schemas elegantly with Delta Lake
  • Managing data quality with Delta Lake
  • Monitoring data quality with Statistical Process Control

08.30am - 09.00am - Check-in & Refreshments
09.00am - 09.20am - Accelerating collaboration between data science & data engineering
09.20am - 09.30am - Success story
09.30am - 10.50am - Workshops: DataOps
10.50am - 11.05am - Wrap-up
11.05am - 11.30am - Networking & technical questions to the experts


Bernhard Walter, Senior Solutions Architect, Databricks
With ten years of enterprise background as IT & Enterprise Architect at a global telecommunications provider, Bernhard spent the last seven years helping companies with their Digital Transformation: Starting with API Management as enabler for the bimodal IT, he now helps companies on their journey to become data driven. His main area of expertise is around distributed computing and advanced analytics on premises and in the cloud. He has a PhD in statistics and is a regular speaker at events talking about advanced topics around Spark and Machine Learning.

Michael Shtelma, Solutions Architect, Databricks
Michael Shtelma is a Solution Architect at Databricks helping customers building their end-to-end data and ML pipelines. Michael is passionate about all data-related topics, especially data engineering and data science.

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