Simplify ETL at Scale to Enable Data Science and Engineering Initiatives in the Government Webinar

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Government agencies are dealing with a wider variety of data on a much larger scale. Unfortunately, traditional data analytics solutions are failing to provide the capabilities needed to fully drive value out of this big data.

Databricks Unified Analytics Platform powered by Apache Spark™ provides a fast, simple, and scalable way to augment your existing data analytics strategy with support for a broad set of data types and sources, scalable compute on-demand and the ability to perform low latency queries in real-time rather than investing in complicated and costly ETL pipelines. Additionally, Databricks provides the tools necessary for advanced analytics and machine learning, future-proofing your analytics.

Join this session to learn:

  • State of Big Data and AI in Public Sector
  • Popular advanced analytics use cases at government agencies
  • ETL and analytics challenges with legacy architectures
  • How to Build a modern data architecture with a focus on streamlining ETL
  • Live Demo:
    • Perform Change Data Capture (CDC) from a relational database and join that data to a variety of data sources
    • How to leverage Delta Lake to provide ACID transactions for streaming and batch use cases

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