Webinar - Data Lake Analytics Summit with Tableau and Databricks

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Webinar: Data Lake Analytics Virtual Summit with Tableau and Databricks
Get deeper insights faster with Tableau and Databricks. In this virtual summit, hear how you can analyze your entire data lake with Tableau. No more waiting for data to be reformatted for analytics. With open source Delta Lake, running on Databricks, data lake information is instantly available in Tableau. IoT data, web logs, transactional data - get instant access at huge scale to drive faster analytics and insights. And with Databricks, you can run deep machine learning and data science models on Apache Spark™, Tensorflow and other machine learning frameworks

Attendees will learn how:

  • Delta Lake enables analysis of entire data lakes at scale in Tableau
  • To access all your data in real time - no waiting for critical data, analyze it as soon as it is written to your data lake
  • To tap into the leading data science platform to turn your data lake data into deeper insights

Sessions Include:

Francois Ajenstat
Chief Product Officer


The More Data The Better
Tableau’s mission has always been to help people see and understand their data, and in today’s world there is more data in data lakes than anywhere else.  Databricks and Tableau started working together because of our common vision to provide analytics on the data lake, empowering customers to tap into their largest datasets and enable deeper insights through data science at scale.  Join this executive introduction that explains why “the more data, the better”! 

Moderated by Elissa Fink

Michael Hoff
SVP Business Development and Partners
Kyle Burke
Head of Data Platform
Kabbage, Inc
Kabbage is Enabling Deep Analytics Access to Drive Decisions
Kabbage, Inc. is an online financial technology company that provides funding directly to small businesses and consumers through an automated lending platform. They are creating cutting-edge analytics and risk-modeling that fuel business decisions across their organization. Our data-rich environment changes rapidly and Databricks allows us to quickly adapt our architecture to optimize insights quickly across business units.

Jason Hwa
Head of Reporting & BI
Kabbage, Inc

Gijs van der Woerd
Data Analyst
Self-Service Analytics with Databricks and Tableau
See how Wehkamp, an online department store in The Netherlands, have enabled their employees to pursue self-service analytics using Databricks and Tableau. The results is a multitude of reporting dashboards and machine learning jobs to help analyze sales, returns and customer selections to improve customer experience.

Blair Hutchinson
Product Manager
Tableau Software

Nauman Fakhar
Director, ISV Solutions
Analyze Your Entire Data Lake with Databricks and Tableau
See how to connect Tableau to Databricks using the new Databricks connector in Tableau 2019.3. See a demonstration of creating data pipelines that feed Delta Lake so you can analyze your entire data lake instantly, and how you can incorporate machine learning into your results for deeper insights faster.

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