LoyaltyOne Simplifies and Scales Data & Analytics Pipelines With Delta Lake

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Join our webinar to learn how LoyaltyOne—a loyalty marketing services provider—used open-source Delta Lake on Databricks and AWS to create automated data pipelines that feed thousands of machine learning (ML) and analytics models, accelerating and enhancing reporting and key machine learning use cases such as customer churn and recommendation engines.

Attendees to this webinar will learn:

    • How LoyaltyOne turned a data lake into a high-volume analytics-ready pipeline built on AWS
    • How Delta Lake enables automated schema enforcement, fast and reliable data transactions, and versioning
    • How you can enable developers of various skill levels to benefit from the power of ML and advanced analytics with Databricks AutoML
    • How LoyaltyOne reduced churn model updates from 13 hours to 2 hours
    • How you can accelerate innovation by fostering iterative collaboration between teams

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