How Machine Learning Is Changing Data Analytics in Gov

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Title: How Machine Learning Is Changing Data Analytics in Gov

Agencies need good, clean data in order to make informed decisions. However, manually culling data into pipelines is time consuming and error prone. Take for example, how federal agencies aggregate healthcare data from states. If that information is improperly reported and stored for federal healthcare agencies it’s useless. The good news is that there are new tools and resources out there to help agencies.

Watch this session to learn how with the right system integrators agencies can transform their data analytics platform in the cloud.
Specifically, you’ll learn how:

  • A federal healthcare agency developed new, automated data pipelines in the cloud.
  • Agencies bring their data pipelines together with machine learning in one platform to ensure seamless data access and faster, more powerful results.
  • To enable machine learning experiment tracking, project management, and model distribution, so data scientists can focus on the results instead of managing the process.

  • Brian Dirking, Sr. Director, Partner Marketing, Databricks
  • Donghwa Kim, Director of Application Engineering, NewWave

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