FSI on the race to innovation: Legacy Versus Technology. 
How to accelerate collaboration between data science and data engineering?

Wednesday 24th July, 2019 @ 10.00 AM GMT | 11.00 AM CEST
The financial services industry is transforming rapidly. Customers today demand more personalised experiences, better returns on their investments and improved protection against fraud. Financial institutions are faced with delivering on these expectations while maintaining the strictest level of security. As a result, every bank, insurance company and institutional investor is turning towards big data and AI to meet these demands and outmanoeuver the competition, while minimising risk, protecting against fraud and responding to regulations.

Databricks Unified Analytics Platform is a cloud-service that provides you with ready-to-use clusters to handle all analytics processes in one place, from data preparation to model building and serving, with virtually no limit to how much you can scale.

During this webinar, Brian McConnell, Solution Architect at Databricks will bring technical solutions - including Databricks Runtime, Delta Lake and Mlflow, to the main challenges that financial services and insurance companies are facing nowadays. Topics that will be covered: 
  • The regulatory triangle: Regulators, Legislators and Industry
  • Regulation and the Data Driven Organisation
  • Dealing with change, and lots of it
  • Reproducibility. 

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Brian McConnell
Solutions Architect, Databricks                                   

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