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Enterprises understand that driving business outcomes with machine learning and AI will soon become a critical driver for success. Yet, many struggle to connect together siloed data pipelines and artisanal data science experiments into agile and repeatable processes to drive scale and impact.

Hear Nielsen’s Chief Research Officer Mainak Mazumdar and Forrester Senior Analyst guest speaker Kjell Carlsson, PhD share experiences and perspectives into unifying data science and engineering with business needs. Learn how teams operationalize machine learning models and AI more rapidly, with insights into:

- Improving model development performance from 1 week to less than 2 hrs
- Transforming data science workflows and deepening team collaboration
- Accelerating the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle



Mainak Mazumdar
Chief Research Officer, Nielsen
Kjell Carlsson, PhD
Senior Analyst, Forrester
James Nguyen
Product Marketing

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