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Government agencies today are dealing with ever-increasing volumes and varieties of data. Unfortunately, traditional data warehouses are failing to provide agencies with the capabilities they need to maximize the value of their big data, bringing innovation to a halt.

In part one of our three-part webinar series “A Modern Approach to Data Management and Analytics for the Federal Government”, we will focus on the fundamentals of building a modern data analytics platform. With traditional and legacy distributed systems, performing relatively simple RDBMS tasks can be a time consuming and costly effort.

Fortunately, Databricks Delta - a foundational component of the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform built on top of Apache SparkTM - makes these formerly complex tasks simple. Databricks Delta transforms your messy data lake into a highly performant and reliable analytics engine capable of delivering on a wide range of use cases, from batch and streaming ingest to fast interactive queries to machine learning.

Join this webinar to find out how to prepare your data for analytics at scale. This session will cover:
 Key challenges of legacy data analytics architectures in the Fed Gov
• How to overcome these challenges with a modern data analytics architecture built on Apache Spark
 Live Demo:
     How to optimize upserts (merge into) and queries using Databricks Delta
    • Ensuring Consistency with ACID Transactions with Databricks Delta
    • Extend your modern analytics solution by time travel!


Kevin Davis
Denny Lee
Technical Product Marketing, Databricks
Kevin Davis
VP, Public Sector, Databricks

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