Free Training: Apache Spark & Databricks for Public Sector

Thursday 28th March, London

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Big data is transforming the public sector. Insights buried deep within troves of data hold the key to improving public services and creating a more secure homeland. Yet, extracting these insights from diverse datasets quickly and efficiently is a challenge made even more complex by the strict regulatory environment. Databricks helps public sector agencies overcome these challenges with a Unified Analytics Platform built to handle the most sensitive data while simplifying data science with a scalable and collaborative platform.

Join the Databricks teams for a half-day training dedicated to Apache Spark and Databricks Unified Analytics Platform, a cloud-based platform hosted on AWS and Azure.

This training is designed for public sectors practitioners and technical managers interested in thorough, hands-on overview of Apache Spark and Databricks. Databricks reserves the right to cancel the participation if registrants are not from the Public Sector.

This is what you will learn during the training:

  • Manage large-scale Spark clusters
  • Run your production job at scale 
  • Publish your analysis with customised dashboards
  • Accelerate your work within an interactive workspace
  • Collaborate interactively
  • Connect different apps

Please, note that the event is limited at 2 people from the same company.


Databricks Office - 27 Baker Street, W1U 8EQ London

Thursday 28th March 
From 09.30am to 02.30pm

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