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Attribution tracking done right

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Attribution tracking is the process of recording which touch points result in a customer visiting a website or mobile apps. Organisations track every interaction that brings a visitor to their website to properly attribute every step leading to a visit. With proper attribution, businesses can determine which marketing channels work better than others, and therefore allocate more of their marketing budget to the most effective channels.

In this context, GetYourGuide developed a solution that cleans and structures logs from different data sources, applies rules to deal with channel assignment, and finally properly weights each channel's contribution to total revenue generated.

In this talk, Thiago Rigo (Data Engineer), Mathieu Bastian (Director of Engineering) and Martin Sieber (Co-founder and Director of Performance Marketing) will go through the business and technical challenges we wanted to solve and how we implemented it in GetYourGuide using Spark and Databricks.


  • 18:30-19:15 - Registration and welcome drinks
  • 19:15-19:45 - Databricks, the Unified Analytics Platform - Paul Duffett, Solution Architect at Databricks.
  • 19:45-20:00 - Break
  • 20:00-20:45 - Implementing an attribution tracking process at GetYourGuide - Thiago Rigo, Data Engineer at GetYourGuide and Martin Sieber, Director of Performance Marketing and & Co-Founder at GetYourGuide
  • 20:45-End - Networking & drinks


Zossener Str. 55,

10961 Berlin, DE


Thursday 6th September
From 18.30


Thiago Rigo
Data Engineer - GetYourGuide
Mathieu Bastian
Director of Engineering GetYourGuide
Martin Sieber
Director of Performance Marketing and Co-founder - GetYourGuide
Paul Duffett
Customer Success Engineer Databricks

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