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The Databricks Migration Labs Week

More and more organisations of all sizes, across multiple industries, are migrating their legacy analytics platforms to the cloud. Many of these companies are moving to the Databricks Lakehouse.


The Databricks Lakehouse platform is designed to accelerate innovation, enhance productivity and manage costs more effectively, with faster, more efficient infrastructure and DevOps.


In this series of three webinars, the Databricks team, in collaboration with its partners Microsoft Azure and Avanade, will share best practices and successful strategies for migration to the cloud and to the Databricks platform.


Hadoop Migration with Databricks, Microsoft Azure & Avanade

In this webinar, you’ll learn why successful organizations are switching to modern, cloud-based platforms like Azure Databricks to drive innovation, productivity, and business outcomes. Leave with a best practice framework for safely and securely migrating data and workloads to Azure.

Key Expected Learnings:

  • How companies drive business value with cloud-based data and analytics
  • How to use the new model of unified capabilities in data engineering and analytics
  • How to plan and structure a migration project to minimize risks and delays

=> You'll get to discover the Avanade Brickbuilder Solution: Legacy System Migration by Avanade, developed by Avanade and powered on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. 



ETL Migration 

In this session, Databricks team will expose the ways and the tooling to migrate your ETL and business logic to Databricks Workflows.

Key Expected Learnings:

  • What is Databricks Workflows and why you should care
  • How to build a declarative and metadata-driven ETL in Databricks
  • How to migrate your orchestration logic using an automatic approach


Data Warehouse Migration

In this session, Databricks team will present both the best practices and the tooling to migrate from any enterprise data warehouse to the Databricks Lakehouse.

Key Expected Learnings:

  • Why Databricks Lakehouse is the best fit for your BI workloads in the cloud
  • How to build your data model, for both performance and governance, in the Lakehouse
  • How to migrate your code using an automatic approach


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